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Technology is a key enabler in setting up viable and efficient Commodity Exchanges. ZMX uses a developed end-to-end commodity exchange solution for the issuance, trading and collateralization of Warehouse Receipts. The technology is made up of four main platforms that are:

  1. Mobile & Online Platforms (i.e USSD, Web and Mobile applications),
  2. The Electronic Warehouse Receipt System (e-WRS),
  3. The Automated Trading System (ATS).
  4. Clearing and Settlement System

Mobile & Online Platforms

For convenient user access, ZMX utilises the e-ComX online, USSD & mobile App platforms that enable the following self-service activities:

  • Account creation and upload of KYC documents for different types of users.
  • Booking delivery or collection of commodities
  • Accessing real-time market price information and markets statistics.
  • Order management that is placing, viewing, and cancelling orders.
  • Trading funds deposits.
  • Applying for post harvest financing.
  • Receiving and withdrawing sale proceeds.


Electronic Warehouse Receipt System

Automated Trading System

Clearing and Settlement System