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ZMX provides an automated platform where commodities are traded for immediate delivery. Trading on ZMX is based on Warehouse Receipts and all traders must deposit their commodities with a designated warehouse in exchange for a Warehouse Receipt which receipt forms the basis of trading on the exchange.

Buy & Sell Order Management

Order Matching & Price Discovery

ZMX is an automated digital market place where local and international buyers and sellers of commodities meet to transact. Orders accepted on the ZMX central order book are matched on a time-price priority. Matching is continous throughout the trading session. Price movements are subject to price protection limits to ensure market stability.

Clearing & Settlement

ZMX operates a platform that has rules governing the admission and conduct of participants. These rules also guide the issuance, trading and settlement of Warehouse Receipts.

Trading on ZMX is governed by Gazetted rules under Statutory Instrument 184 of 2021. [CAP. 18:24 Agricultural Marketing Authority (Zimbabwe Mercantile Exchange) Rules, 2021. This provides ZMX with the legal instruments to enforce lawful contact in the activities of all participants on the Exchange.