Getting started as a farmer or commodities buyer

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Commodity Buyers and Sellers (including farmers)

  • Delivery of commodities for sale in the Warehouse Receipt market
  • Buying and selling of commodities in the market
  • Pledging Warehouse Receipts
  • Withdrawing and deposing funds from the trading wallet

Warehouse Operators

Our network of warehouse participants located in many areas around Zimbabwe and are there to:

  • Facilitate the physical safekeeping of the commodities on behalf of clients.
  • Act as delivery centres to those that purchase commodities through the platform
  • Provide grading and certification services for deposited commodities.
  • Offer quality improvement services through grain cleaning, commodity sorting and repackaging
  • Offer handling, grading and commodity certification on behalf of clients
  • Issue Warehouse Receipts
  • Assist in client logistics during delivery and withdrawal of commodities from their warehouses
  • Facilitate physical settlement of commodities.

Settlement Banks

All transactions on the platform are settled through licensed Banks in Zimbabwe. Our settlement banks facilitate the settlement of transactions. Here are some of their roles on ZMX:

  • Open, maintain and manage the platform’s escrow, nominee and settlement accounts.
  • Accept trading account deposits by investors
  • Facilitate transfer of investor trading account withdrawals
  • Accept and action settlement instructions from ZMX and or participants

View our list of settlement banks below


 Our custodians are licensed under all the relevant laws in Zimbabwe and there are there for
  • Custodianship of the Platform’s settlement account
  • Custodianship of investor’s physical Warehouse Receipts
  • Facilitate settlement of all trades on the Platform
  • Reconciliation of electronic Warehouse Receipts being traded against total physical receipts deposited by the Warehouse Operator.
  • Custodianship of the funds in client trading account.
  • Opening and maintenance of investor accounts
  • Management of investor Nominee Accounts

Financiers (Warehouse Receipt Financiers)

  • Financing of Warehouse Receipts

Quality Inspectors and Collateral Managers

  • Perform regular quality assessments on all incoming and outgoing commodities.
  • Reject all commodities that fail to meet quality expectations.
  • Document inspection outcomes by completing detailed reports and performance records.
  • Teach the warehouses about quality control concerns to improve processes.
  • Resolve quality-related issues promptly.